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W e l c o m e     t o    m y    e W o r l d

Well hello there and very welcome to my little slice of the World Wide Web. As so many of you out there, I have developed a need to express myself electronically and Social Media sites (though I luv'em) are simply not enough to satisfy my gluttonous digital needs.
So here is my site and I hope you enjoy your visit.
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Does the Digital World Suck ...you in? -

Is it all, nothing
or somewhere in between
in what might be considered
a spam-attack unseen?

Is my voice lost in the bits
my pics lost in the bytes?
Subscribe here, submit there;

Complete, Confirm; Reset.
I want to share, and be shared with
let's Twit, let's Face or Tube it.

Are you there?
I'll poke you, Skype you
and GTalk on for hours.
Do you hear?

Hearts reaching over CyberSpace
Souls touching through stars that race.
Yes you do. Sometimes.

Adieu for now,
I must go blog.
My news reader full
with RTs clogged.

I Wave to you good cyber night 
for now I'll go  update my site.

- (René C Schutte, Nov 2009)


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    (Thanks for helping me find it again Ashley :-))


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