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Photograph Lightning in Ten ...err Eleven Easy Steps

Posted by Rene C Schutte on October 2, 2011 at 6:25 PM

Here are some settings I have found useful in taking photos of lightning bolts. Hope this helps you with your pics :)

  1. Tripod 
  2. ISO 200
  3. F 4.5 or lower
  4. Exposure 3" (depending on light) 
  5. 50 - 200mm lens
  6. Good view of storm after it has passed
  7. It's not raining where you take the pic
  8. Manual focus
  9. 2 second time delay prior to starting shoot series (optional)
  10. Set camera to shoot 5-10 shots in succession
  11. Aim & shoot :)

If these tips helped you please share a link to your photos. I would love to see them

Happy snapping.


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